Hi, I'm Martin 👨🏻‍💻
I'm a Combined Major in Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia. Currently working as a SWE intern @ BlackBerry. I'm a published scholar. hubble is my 🍼.

my work

Top 3 Best in Show Project @ Google Cloud Demo Week
Winner of COVID-19 Hackathon Fund by Google Cloud ($5000 & personalized Google SWE Mentorship)

Social Connection app with smart-matching NLP compatibility scoring algorithm, messaging and Spotify sharing. Made for iOS and Android

ML-assisted Predictive Modeling of Vaccination Uptake in US Counties
Hoffman La-Roche Infodemic Research Solutions Award - 3rd Prize ($400) & Top 15 Research Paper
Published in JMIR (Impact Factor: 5.43)

Assist ongoing vaccination campaigns by predicting COVID-19 vaccination uptake percentage in US counties. Identify key sociodemographic factors driving decision to get vaccinated for COVID-19. DOI: 10.2196/preprints.33231


A Spotify Web app that displays current top 3 most listened to artists, current top 15 songs, audio features of the songs you listen/listened to (current vs all time), throwback suggestions based on what you listened to in the past, share top songs/top artists/throwbacks and generate playlists function


A Python Discord bot that starts and stops Google Cloud Compute Engine hosted Minecraft server via chat commands. Used by minecraft sisters, life building and Gaming Week servers


MERN stack travel planning web app that allows you to calculate and create a plan for your next trip, built for NWHacks 2021.


Simple withdrawal and deposit simulator built using Java and Swing, for my Software Construction class (UBC CPSC 210 2020W)


A JavaScript web application that takes in weather data from OpenWeather and tells user if he/she should wear a jacket based on the weather conditions

upass auto-renew

Chrome extension built on JavaScript that intends to automatically renew a students monthly transit pass. Built for LifeHacks 2020.


Python program that takes in spreadsheet data from ICBC that details yearly invovled fatality group and produces a pie chart to calculate the highest average percentage of Motor Vehicle fatality type per year across 7 year time period to determine which method of transporation is the most dangerous. Built for Introduction to Systematic Program Design (CPSC 103 2019W)