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My Story into CS 😮‍💨

I'm (he/him) an old (22 y/o) 5th year @ UBC majoring in Computer Science, Biological Sciences & Earth, and Ocean Sciences. I recently switched into this program from Biology in January 2020 with the intent to pursue software engineering as a career. I am currently an incoming SWE Intern @ LinkedIn and I previously interned at BlackBerry and Holmetrics

I never considered CS to be something I would pursue full-time, but instead something on the side for fun. However, I realized Biology was wasn't truly what I wanted to do as a full-time career (and it was kinda giving me depression)

I was having dinner with a friend of mine (who now works as a SDE @ Amazon) and he made me register for a CS course while I had a mouth full of rice. His argument was: "If you're not even enjoying yourself right now, what do you have to lose to make the jump?" I had already been interested in CS prior (took AP CS in highschool, made my own website for photography prior) and was really interested in being able to create a product I or someone could use. So I just said, screw it and registered. It ended up being one of my favourite courses I have taken at UBC and ultimately led me to make the jump.

Passionate about learning more about development outside of class to accelerate my learning and catch up on what I've "missed", this website is used for me to learn more about front-end web development; and as well showcase the projects that I complete.

Fun Facts 🥳

I really like listening to music while I work. When I'm not working, live music makes it even better (ILLENIUM Ascend Tour/Throwback Sets were amazing) I'd love to share with you the music I like and want to hear what you like. Open to anything. I also recently attended EDC Las Vegas 2022, and saw Porter Robinson and Illenium twice that week.

You can probably catch me in my spare time just really doing random things. My projects that I worked with that won awards (hubble and my research paper) I literally just decided I wanted to do it because why not. Moral of the story is just do what you want and try new things and see what happens I guess.

Plat in Valorant. Professional @ dealing with malding teammates so you know I can work with anyone ;)